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Show Some Character! Terms of Use

It makes me sad that I have to have a Terms of Use page for my blog at all, but I guess that's life these days.

Intellectual Property Statement:

This blog and its comments are the sole intellectual property of Jason Black, owner and operator of Plot to Punctuation, LLC. By posting comments to this blog, you agree that your comments become the property of Plot to Punctuation, LLC, with all that entails. I retain the right to rename, amend, or otherwise alter this blog in any way and at any time, making full and complete re-use of prior articles and comments as I see fit, without abrogating the grant of ownership of any comments made prior to any such alterations.

If you're not cool with that, sorry. This is my business. I try to make it as open and friendly as possible, but ultimately, it is a business and I need to run it as such. There are plenty of other writing blogs out there for you to visit if you're not comfortable with the above. And if you do want to make a comment on one of my articles that you feel is truly so revolutionary in its thinking as to warrant being a piece of intellectual property that you'd like to keep for yourself, then be smart: post it on your own blog, and link to it from the comments in this blog. No big deal.

Terms of Use

For reasonable people, the terms of use are pretty darned simple:

  1. This blog is PG-13 (occasional mild expletives in sample dialogue), so please keep your comments PG-13 as well.

  2. Be cool. Respect others and their opinions, even when you disagree. Or as Wil Wheaton says: "Don't Be a Dick"

See? Simple. Well, no, sadly it's never really that simple, is it? In the real world, in order to properly cover my butt and give myself permission to manage my site as I see fit, I am also required to explicitly list a variety of forbidden behaviors that ought to darned well go without saying for anybody who wasn't raised by wolves. Because, as it turns out:

  • Although it may be true that "on the internet, no one knows you're a dog," it's also true that on the internet everyone can tell when you were raised by wolves.

  • Apparently, there are a lot more representatives of Homo Sapiens Lupus on the internet than one might imagine.

So anyway—to put this in wolf-vernacular so any wolves present will be sure to understand—here are some things I have specifically peed on to scent-mark them as off limits:

  1. NO re-use of any material, either from my blog articles or comments posted in respose to them, without prior written permission. If you're being cool and you have a legitimate reason to want to re-print something in a different context, all you have to do is ask. I will probably be delighted to have the free publicity. Just , that's all.

  2. No spamming. Posting off-topic comments that are designed solely to drive traffic to external websites is not allowed. It's pointless anyway; I moderate all comments specifically to keep you spammers out. What, do you think you're going to slip something by me? Sorry. On my blog, the comment field is the CAPTCHA.

  3. No trolling. Posting comments designed to incite ire and contention within the community is not allowed.

  4. No libel.

  5. No posting of illegal or illicit material: pornography, plagarized creative works of other people, et cetera.

I reserve the right to update the above list at any time. I retain the right to make any and all final judgments on whether individual comments violate any of the above terms of use, as well as the right to determine and carry out any appropriate remediative action.