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Developmental Editing

I charge a flat fee of $1,200 for developmental editing of novels up to 75,000 words. A little more, a little less, that's fine but if your novel is considerably longer than that, .

Copy Editing

Once upon a time, I did copy editing. These days, I specialize almost exclusively in developmental editing. And the truth is, there are better copy editors than me out there for less money than I'd charge you anyway. The best I can do is to refer you to the copy editor who I use for all of my projects: Annie Crawford.

Line Editing

I charge $65 per hour for line editing as for copy editing. For an estimate, and tell me how long your book is. I will evaluate it and send you a proposal for the whole job.

I offer a 10% discount on line editing for manuscripts I have previously developmentally edited. The idea here is that you use the results of the developmental edit report to produce an improved draft of your manuscript, which is then faster for me to line edit because it's cleaner and because I'm already familiar with it.


Whatever service you're interested in, I’ve found that the best thing to do is for clients to e-mail me so we can talk about their project and their needs, and for me to send a proposal that outlines the services, price, and schedule for their particular project. E-mail me at and tell me how I can help you.

When you contact me, please include the following information:

  • Your book’s word-count, to the nearest 1,000 words.

  • Your book’s general category. (fiction, non-fiction, memoir, et cetera).

  • The service you are interested in.

  • Any specific questions or concerns you'd like me to address.

  • Your preferred timeline for the project, if any. If you’re working towards a specific due-date, please tell me up front!

  • Your name and the name of your book. Knowing who I'm working with and what to call the project helps me track your proposal among others I may be working on.

Not sure what you need?

If you’re not entirely sure what you need, or if you want something a little different than the services I’ve outlined, that’s no problem. I am happy to send you a proposal for jobs with specific requirements or ones that are a little outside the norm.