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There is an irony to freelance editing: I must make people happy about being shown where they’ve messed up. Thankfully, my clients have mainly been people who genuinely wanted to improve both their work and their writing ability. While I will compliment you on the parts you have written well, I’m not shy about making specific suggestions for improvement. After all, that’s what you’re paying me for.

Here are a few randomly selected statements by clients who found my feedback to be well worth the money.

I was impressed with Jason's eye for detail and ability to spot subtle but important clarifications to wording in the article he edited for us. He understood and respected the writer's voice while bringing out the underlying information in the article. I expect to take advantage of his services again for future issues of Plateau magazine and other MNA publications.

— Karen Enyedy, Managing Editor, Plateau magazine

I could read books on craft, and analyze my favorite authors, but none of that would be as helpful as reading an analysis of what I tend to do in MY writing. Your report is like a personalized reference guide. Even if this book is never published, the detail you showed in your response is extremely helpful to the way I will approach my revisions. Plus, your thoughtful comments will serve as little alarm bells as I write anything new.

Mark Holtzen

Jason did a great job reviewing my book. He put in an enormous amount of work and thought into his report, which provided a global critique of my novel as well as detailed suggestions. He clearly explained why his suggestions would make the novel better. Without his help, I would not have published my first novel, Public Pretender. It was definitely money well spent.

Royce Roberts, Public Pretender

Jason, your advice was worth its weight in gold!

Tracy Perkins

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