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There is an irony to freelance editing: I must make people happy about being shown where they’ve messed up. Thankfully, my clients have mainly been people who genuinely wanted to improve both their work and their writing ability. While I will compliment you on the parts you have written well, I’m not shy about making specific suggestions for improvement. After all, that’s what you’re paying me for.

Here are a few randomly selected statements by clients who found my feedback to be well worth the money.

I am in awe of the depth and vision of your report on my manuscript! Thank you so much.

— SJ McCormack

I just read your Readthrough Report and want to thank you so much for all the great feedback! It is extremely helpful. I think I learned more from reading your report than I have from all the writing classes I've taken this past year, combined.

— Tara Sheets

Jason delivered much more than he promised. He took an out-of-control story, found its heart and provided me with comments and examples that were substantive and specific enough to lead me to see what I needed to do to fix it. The further I read into his report, the more pleased I was at the depth of his insight. By the time I finished reading, I was excited about trying some of his suggestions. Not only did Jason's comments bring me greater clarity about my story, he helped me in two key craft areas. He showed me how I was spoiling my surprises too soon and also that I was using too heavy a hand on the "invisible" aspects of the story. Both these insights are ones that will help me improve not only this book, but everything I write from now on.

Ann Warner

Jason, your advice was worth its weight in gold!

Tracy Perkins

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