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There is an irony to freelance editing: I must make people happy about being shown where they’ve messed up. Thankfully, my clients have mainly been people who genuinely wanted to improve both their work and their writing ability. While I will compliment you on the parts you have written well, I’m not shy about making specific suggestions for improvement. After all, that’s what you’re paying me for.

Here are a few randomly selected statements by clients who found my feedback to be well worth the money.

I've just had Jason review my rough concept and scenes for "The Gutenberg Rubric" and can't tell you how helpful his comments are. His insights into believability of characters, situations, and my occasional "too contrived" plot twists really help me focus on what is important and valuable in my concept and what is really me wandering along trying to find a plausible motive for a behavior that I want.

Nathan Everett. Check out The Gutenberg Rubric on Amazon.

Thanks so much for your help. Your perceptions regarding my plot and character development are especially helpful to me. I knew there were weaknesses, but you have pinpointed them which will vastly speed up my process of revision. If I had not used your services, I would have set the book aside for a long while to distance myself from it, but perhaps still would not have found the cures. You've given me a solid basis for a good rewrite, and I'm now much more enthused about my project, even about the arduous task of revising!

— Nancy Bonnington

First off, thank you, thank you. Your suggestions are absolutely going to make the book better and help me be a better writer in turn. Even my very frugal husband even said you're worth every penny!

— Jennie Spohr

WOW!!! are good! You did a quality job and your comments are on point. I showed them to my husband who is an investment banker and is hyper particular about quality work and he was very impressed. I have new excitement for this project now that you pumped some life into it.

Lisa Anderson, Wild Blue Adventures

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