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Photo of Jason My name is Jason Black, and I’m a book doctor. What’s a book doctor? Just a freelance developmental editor, but in the publishing industry the word “editor” has been stolen by people who work at publishing houses acquiring new material, but don't actually do much editing themselves. They used to, but not so much anymore. Times have changed, but publishing house editors never bothered to change their titles.

Which leaves freelance editors like me in need of a title all our own. I think “book doctor” has a certain cachét to it, so there you go.

Whatever you want to call it, my job is to provide the help you need to achieve your goals with your writing.

For novelists and other creative writers: I help your manuscript stand out from the rest of the “slushpile,” because when a book agent or editor asks to see your manuscript, it had better shine.

For non-fiction authors: I help you secure the book deal that will let you write your book by helping your book proposal make the clearest, most polished case for your work.

For graduate students: Don’t let your thesis be the thing standing between you and a job. If you’re stuck on a Masters’ or PhD thesis, I can help make it into something you’ll be proud to show your advisor.

For business and technical writing: I can help anyone working on technical or business-oriented writing, such as internal systems and process documentation, annual reports, white papers, press releases, customer reports, trade journal articles, newsletters, et cetera. I have considerable experience with software documentation and programmer documentation as well.

Whatever your writing goals are, I can help you reach them. Whether you’re working on book-length works or short fiction, non-fiction, magazine articles, website text, technical reports, a thesis, or software documentation, I can help take your writing where it needs to go.

Click the Editing Services tab above to read about the services I offer. Click the Prices & Proposals tab for pricing information and to request a project proposal. You may even find something interesting over on my blog.